Bean Pot Candles


Experience a clean, healthy, long-lasting, scented candle

It begins with soybeans. Simple. Plentiful. Biodegradable. Beanpod Candles™ are made from this natural, renewable resource grown right here in America. One of life's simple pleasures enjoyed in a whole new way. A fragrant candle that's clean and healthy for the environment. 

Create your own unique fragrance with our scented Soy Beads Great on top of any candle, or mix several in one of our decorative melters.


Quality that endures. Hold one. Notice its vibrant color. Breathe in its rich scent. An exquisite aroma that lasts from first light to final flame. These candles are created with an all-cotton wick, designed to give each a perfect burn. 

Light a candle and transform a space, a

Earth friendly. Now that's something other candles wish they were. So you can be sure there won't ever be paraffin or petroleum wax by-products. Just real soy wax. Better for you and the environment. Look closely. There is a difference. If it doesn't say 100% stabilized soy wax, it's not a Beanpod Candle. And you deserve only the best.

A breathtaking collection of more than 70 bold colors and fragrances perfect for any room, every decor.


Beanpod Candles are wonderful anytime, whether it's a special occasion or time spent alone, relaxing.